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Investiment Projects

Piemonte Holding is a project developer.

We idealize and design investment projects to contribute to the sustainable and technological development of society, allocating financial resources in a technical and conscious way with the objective of improving the knowledge and income production capacity of our generation.

Throughout its history, Piemonte has carried out and participated in several successful projects, initially with third-party capital and then, as far as possible, working with its own capital. Always guided by pioneering spirit, innovation and technical competence, all of Piemonte Holding’s projects have in common an optimistic view of the economy, the cultivation of long-term relationships and the search for the longevity of the work developed. Among the greatest achievements, we highlight the performance in the sector of digital infrastructure, naval technology, defense systems and the continuous study of energy sustainability.


Administration and Strategic Management

Piemonte Holding was born as an administrative and management service company for large companies: our multidisciplinary team cultivates in-depth knowledge of the control, administration, treasury, legal and corporate finance applications and processes in which we operate.

A high-performance back office and front office allow, both for the companies of the group and for our clients, a transparent, compliant, controlled and secure administration. Our business management and administration services are recognized in the market for high growth projects, business transformation and major restructurings.

The alignment of the values of our clients and our team allows Piemonte Holding, within the scope of these services, to assume the formal responsibility of the administration, keeping its directors in statutory positions, authorizing and managing payments and coordinating the work of the lawyers who defend the business interests.

Piemonte Holding’s management and administration service is provided in a unique and personalized way, always with the involvement of the most senior executives of the group, guaranteeing hands-on engagement in special situations in which we are requested.

Case Study | Naval Technology

After sophisticated and expressive due diligence work, in 2018 Piemonte took over the administration and management of a company in the naval sector with assets in excess of BRL 2 billion, acting as shareholder Trustee, bringing independence and transparency to decision-making. Through the implementation of a new corporate governance and a change in the organizational culture, operational efficiency and cost reduction were generated.


Financial Services


  • Special Projects

Thanks to the large volume of business, such as M&A, debt raising and capital markets, generated by the companies owned by the Piemonte Group, our team is prepared to support our clients in the processes of buying, selling and merging companies, always acting with intellectual independence. We structure and execute all stages of issuance of securities in the capital market, seeking tailor-made financing and fundraising solutions.

  • Conflict Resolution

Based on the experience of resolving large-scale conflicts, always with a transparent, ethical and conciliatory attitude, Piemonte Holding advises its clients in the resolution of disputes. Piemonte Holding’s front office has expertise in analyzing and evaluating financial and accounting information in order to mitigate risks, investigate possible fraud and irregularities and solve complex problems in a fair and legal manner.

  • Debt Renegotiation

Bringing its values of transparency and ethical communication, as well as renowned financial competences, Piemonte Holding advises its clients in the negotiation of debts with financial and development institutions, according to the real possibility of payment arising from the cash flow of the business.